Helping businesses and their people to thrive.

About Sharon

Sharon works with clients to align their business and people strategies in order to achieve their goals. Leveraging a pragmatic and commercial approach, Sharon supports clients through HR consulting, coaching and facilitation services. Sharon’s base of experience extends across a number of areas including leadership advisory, culture, performance and reward, diversity and inclusion, and general HR.


Working with leaders
and teams to identify
and address challenges
that are blocking the
realisation of true potential.


A passionate and committed coach who helps clients to bring their authentic, best selves to the forefront, in and outside the workplace.


Supporting boards and executive teams through the design and delivery of engaging and productive workshops and strategy sessions.

What clients are saying

Sharon worked with me as part of my Executive development plan. I’d had Executive coaching before, and I found Sharon to be a highly effective coach. She was able to quickly and effectively build rapport, gain a clear understanding (through constructive questioning and discussion) of what was important to me in terms of goals and development, and she struck a great balance between creating healthy squirm on areas that I needed to spend more time on, and showing empathy and support with things I was struggling with. I’d recommend Sharon for organisations and Executives who are genuinely invested in adaptive, authentic leadership.

Group Executive, Financial Services

I have engaged Sharon a number of times over the past three years to work with leaders at our organisation who are working on their personal and professional leadership skills.  Sharon is a compassionate and perceptive coach who pushes those she works with into the learning zone, but not so far that they dig their heels in to push back.

I appreciate working with Sharon, and knowing that if we have engaged her, the receiver is in safe, confidential, and experienced hands and will be working towards a holistic and productive outcome for themselves and their teams.

Organisational Development Manager, Medical Research Institute

I’m really grateful to have had Sharon as a coach.

Sharon worked with me on specific issues I faced as a manager, a co-worker, and a person.  She also helped me develop more general frameworks for personal and professional/management development.  Her ability to shift between big-picture concepts and individual situations meant that we could work on a range of matters, but her ability to tailor discussions and help me focus meant that we addressed that full range of matters intelligently and mindfully.  Through Sharon I’ve developed skills and tools that I’m applying both at work and at home to great benefit.

Sharon’s coaching style is collaborative, empathetic, and incisive.  She enabled me to address issues directly – and, in doing so, deal with some hard realities about my management skills and workplace relationships – but without making me feel defensive.  She creates an environment of growth and purpose.  EVERY discussion I had with Sharon left me better equipped to solve problems, more confident in my ability to solve problems, and more aware of the environment around me.

Senior Investment Manager, Financial Services

Sharon Griffin has been the external provider of our Firm’s Talent Development Program for the past two years. This is a one year program for a cohort of staff who are provided with coaching sessions to facilitate professional growth. Sharon has also provided adhoc HR and Coaching services to our Partnership for many years.

Feedback from Talent Program participants has been consistently positive with participants valuing Sharon’s time and describing a session with Sharon as rich, upbeat and supportive. She is very easy to talk to and continually provides valuable perspective and insight. Participants feel comfortable sharing their experiences, professional desires and fears with Sharon knowing that she will undoubtedly find a way to summarise their needs into a steady growth path and provide a method to undertake tangible actions in manageable-sized pieces.

While we had previously run the Talent Program in person, over the past six months Sharon has offered this service virtually with participants providing feedback that there was no decrease in the value of Sharon’s sessions and resulting outcomes.

As at 1 July 2020, three of the seven participants from the 2019/20 Talent Program were promoted and the remainder are considered to be high achievers in the organisation. We are looking forward to commencing our 2020/21 program with Sharon in the next few weeks.

COO, Professional Services Firm

Sharon has unquestionably helped me become a better version of myself.

I’ve never encountered a more passionate and committed person whose endeavour is to help others succeed in not only their journey to becoming a better leader but also their journey toward living a happier, healthier and more balanced life.

In both my sporting and business professions, Sharon has helped me face into and overcome an array of challenges by getting me to see situations from a different perspective and in a subtle way, guiding me to the right outcomes.

I couldn’t recommend Sharon as a coach highly enough; she’s given me the confidence and self-belief to challenge and push myself outside my comfort zone which has ultimately made me grow as a leader and as an individual.

Meg Downie

Product Manager Home Loans

Over the past 35 years, I’ve worked across the globe for government, business and nonprofit organizations. Without question, Sharon Griffin is the best leader of human capital I’ve ever encountered. Direct and honest, she understands what drives organizations and people to succeed. She inspires the dreamers, doers and drivers to achieve personal growth and business mandates. It is this skill at organizational and employee coaching that is, perhaps, most memorable. Many have worked with Sharon and each of us feel as if we are the most important in her day. Most aspire to this, few achieve it, and Sharon makes it look effortless.

Chris Vein

Partner, Government Digital Transformation at PwC Australia

Thank you for your wisdom in helping me understand better the career opportunity we discussed. I found your approach of using gentle questions to probe my areas of uncertainty and how you helped to frame the problem space absolutely superb. Your approach effectively enabled me to quickly work out how I should structure my due diligence and what questions to ask to quantify the risks that I was facing.

I found that your suggestions about approaching contract negotiations were spot on and enabled much better risk mitigation. I was looking to use our conversations as a sounding board and found this approach very effective. I recommend this to anyone looking at executive roles or negotiating their next career move.

Thank you once again for your insights and your knowledge of people and culture matters. Your knowledge, experience and approach is clearly what sets you apart.


Manager, Enterprise Architecture, Major Australian Financial Institution

Working with Sharon in 2018 was one of the highlights of my year. Together with the Centre for Ethical Leadership (CEL), Sharon expertly led the development of our pilot Inclusive Leadership Program. This ambitious program took 30 teams (220 people) from across the Parkville Medical Precinct through a two-part training program tailored-made for the Medical Research context.

Sharon took the program from concept to design to delivery. Throughout the project, Sharon was responsive to feedback and continually adapted our pilot program to maximize the experience for participants and the effectiveness of the program. The program is still being evaluated by CEL however feedback from participants indicates a positive impact: “ I have seen much better dynamics in my team since starting this program” (Program Participant)

Sharon is an engaging facilitator – her ability to connect and relate to different groups was integral to the success of our program. I look forward to further opportunities to work with Sharon! 

Alice Tinning

Project Manager , Women in Science

Sharon worked with Golf Australia on a project called One Golf from February-September 2018.

Sharon’s expertise and energy was critical in this project moving from concept to fruition which has seen Golf Australia grow from a staff of 30 to 90+ with the combination of the operations of 5 of our member states.  I highly recommend Sharon to any group going through complex change

Gerard Kennedy

General Manager Corporate Services, Golf Australia

After taking the leap from being the CEO of a small not for profit to being the CEO of a new and large not for profit I found myself wondering about the wisdom of my decision making!

Despite having relevant previous experience, qualifications and a burning passion for the new position I often felt like I was drinking from a fire hose. I sought Sharon’s support to help focus my attention, to develop higher level skills in self-reflection and to help me articulate the areas where I required mentoring and guidance. Sharon is calm and considered, instills confidence by drawing on my own strengths, tests my assumptions and explores discussions for clarity.

The role of CEO can be an unenviable position at times and knowing Sharon ‘has my back’ gives me the space re-centre myself and prepare to take on my next challenge

Meridith Ericson

Student, Australian Institute of Management