Work with SG People & Culture


Sharon’s extensive experience working in complex businesses enables her to advise clients across a wide spectrum of people-centred challenges.

Sharon works with clients to identify and implement pragmatic, impactful solutions in the following areas:

  • Organisational change / restructures
  • Talent assessment
  • Culture diagnostics
  • HR function review / design
  • Performance management / feedback systems
  • Diversity and inclusion

Sharon works with clients to understand the issues they are solving for and their appetite for change.

She consults widely with relevant stakeholders and tests potential solutions with stakeholders before moving to implementation.

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As an executive coach, Sharon works with clients to understand and leverage their strengths so that they can be at their best in every situation. 

The exact goals of executive coaching are unique to every engagement, therefore the process always begins with the articulation of clear goals to ensure alignment on the purpose of the work to be undertaken and an understanding of what success looks like.

Specific focus areas may include:

  • supporting leaders in navigating complex work environments
  • navigating issues that are inhibiting effectiveness and may be blocking the realisation of potential
  • planning and executing a career transition (e.g. new role, new company, career change, workforce re-entry)

Whatever the focus, Sharon helps her client to be present, calm and confident in their approach, to establish and stay focused on key priorities and to ensure they are seeking ongoing feedback to assess progress against goals.

Coaching programs are generally four to six months in duration.


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Sharon leverages an inclusive facilitation style to help boards and executive teams have important conversations to help them be better and do better. 

Rather than using stock-standard agendas or facilitation models, every session is designed after gaining a thorough understanding of the client’s objectives and current state. The primary goal is to ensure maximum engagement and energy from participants and that the session results in a solid set of outputs that will contribute to positive momentum for the business. Pre-session engagement with the sponsor and often participants will ensure that the day is structured with the group dynamics in mind.

Sharon’s facilitation activities include:

  • Boards: strategy days and performance reviews
  • Executive teams: offsites and leadership effectiveness sessions

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